"Насилие - это болезнь. Её не победишь, разнося её среди других людей" - "Её не победишь и если помрёшь".
Hop-stop! We got you lady by surprize.
Hop-stop! Your attitude wasn't nice.
Too late to pay for mine grievance,
Just look at skies. Last time you see these.
Look with fucking eyes, you,
At this fucking sea, girl, -
It's last time you can see this, by the way.

Hop-stop!You did refuse to love me fair.
Hop-stop! It was the money you prefer.
Squirrel furs around,
Croc shoes at the ground,
Generals you've found,
Gangsta you did bound -
So take a dagger, if not a pair.

Hop-stop! Sam, cut her kindly,
Hop-stop! Don't break the blade, er, mind you,
On this stone heart of
Very vile viper...
Call a rebe! He will
Give her a last service,
Serve her some last service of a shic.

Hop-stop! Don't ask for mercy, do not wheep.
Hop-stop! Don't call the moon from it's good sleep.
Membrance of great picture,
Basil's dear picture,
Where he made us pair,
Just a born pair...
I forgive you, phui, just finish her, friend Sam.

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